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Congressman Dan Kildee calls for more investment in Michigan rail system


Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee announced earlier this week that he has secured under $8-million for railways in Mid-Michigan.

The funding will go to the Lake State Railway Company, which transports limestone, coal, grain, and chemical products in mid Michigan.

The company runs some 375 miles of track between Gaylord, Plymouth, Bay City, and Saginaw.

It’s the second roughly $8-million grant for the rail company in two years.

Congressman Kildee said the state’s rail system is in bad shape.

“It’s important because the solution is to slow those trains down to the point that it limits the amount of product and other materials that can be moved along those rails.”

Kildee said longer shipping times can add to the cost of products shipped by rail.

“We talk about this as if it’s just about rail but it’s really about making Michigan more business friendly and more competitive in a highly competitive marketplace.”

Ultimately, Kildee said he’d like to see long term railway funding budgeted every decade instead of every year.

“I think rail is important. It will be more important as we move into the rest of the 20th century and try to be more carbon free.”