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Legislation on Governor’s desk would require practicing acupuncturists to be licensed


Legislation on the Governor’s desk would require practicing acupuncturists in Michigan to have a license.

The legislation had been introduced in previous legislative  sessions but failed to pass. The latestversion includes a grandfather clause for current practitioners.

Republican State Representative Bronna Kahle introduced the legislation. She said Michigan is one of four states that doesn’t license acupuncture.

“When you are not licensed as an acupuncturist it is much more difficult to get insurance reimbursement,” she said. “In fact usually, it is not possible.”

Kahle said Veterans Affairs has recognized acupuncture for non-opioid pain management, but only covers licensed acupuncturists.

“It’s important that Michigan gets in line with other states so that our veterans have the easy access to care that they might need.”

Kahle said acupuncture is one of a handful of accepted non-opioid pain management treatments.

“We are just limiting our ability of acupuncturists in the state to deliver care and also we are restricting access to care from those who might need it.”

Currently, practicing acupuncturists are registered but not licensed.