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NAACP calls for impeachment

The NAACP wrapped up its national convention in Detroit by calling for President Trump to be impeached.

The call was echoed by a series of Democratic presidential candidates appearing before the civil rights group.

The NAACP bills itself as non-partisan.

But earlier this week convention delegates passed a resolution urging Congress to begin impeachment proceedings.

The head of the civil rights group also called the Trump Administration the most racist and xenophobic since the Jim Crow era.

At a candidate forum for presidential hopefuls, Senator Elizabeth Warren renewed her push to impeach Trump, even, she says, if it energizes the Republican base.

“I understand that there are people who, for political reasons, say it’s not where we want to be. But in my view some things are above politics.”

Many at this NAACP convention say if impeachment proves unrealistic, they will work to defeat Trump at the ballot box, no matter who is running against him.   SOC