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Anti-choice groups close to gathering signatures for controversial ballot proposals

Michigan voters could soon be asked if they want to sign two anti-abortion ballot initiatives. A state board approved parts of two potential ballot measures Wednesday.

The groups behind the measures now have one final procedural step before they can start collecting signatures.

The board approved the form and summary language of the petitions – a major step before the groups can start gathering signatures.

Jeannette Bradshaw is a Democrat on the Board of State Canvassers. She supported approval of the initiatives.


“One of the things that we have to remember is to protect the citizen’s right to petition. Regardless of our personal decisions or our personal thoughts.”

One measure would ban Dilation and Evacuation – it’s a procedure typically used for 2nd trimester abortions. The other would ban abortions once cardiac activity is detected – usually around 6 to 8 weeks.