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Bill to put money in wrongful conviction fund heads to governor

More money could be added to the state’s wrongful conviction fund. Lawmakers sent a bill to add 10 million dollars to the fund to the governor’s desk Thursday.

The money set aside for people who were wrongfully convicted is almost gone. Republican Representative Steve Johnson is a bill sponsor.

“We made a big mistake, right? We put an innocent man in jail. And then we say, alright we’re going to compensate you, not that we can ever truly compensate them but, we’re going to do what we can here, and then we can’t even do that? I don’t know how much worse you can get than that”

State law says that people who are wrongfully convicted are eligible to receive 50-thousand dollars for every year they spend in prison.

Johnson says this bill would make sure there’s enough money in the fund until the next spending year. And it includes new reporting requirements that Johnson says will ensure the fund doesn’t run out of money again.