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Whitmer's top appointees officially official

Flickr User Matthew Piatt

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s appointees for top level offices are in the clear. The state Senate has 60 days to object to Whitmer’s appointments. It has not objected to her picks to lead departments like health and human services, natural resources, and agriculture.

And the clock has run out for the Senate to stop those and other appointments.

Senator Peter Lucido (R-Shelby Township) chairs the committee that has held hearings on these appointments. He said having the appointees testify and answer questions in a public setting is useful.

“Couple of them answered things that, you know, I was real surprised in how they delivered their responses,” Lucido said. “And I found that I was appreciative of that because they had the guts to speak their peace and their mind, which I really enjoyed.”

The Senate is still considering Whitmer’s pick to lead the Public Service Commission. Whitmer has not announced a director for the department of Talent and Economic Development.