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U.S. Democrats working to pass several new pieces of legislation

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U.S. Congressional Democrats passed one of the first big pieces of legislation out of the U.S. House on Friday. Elissa Slotkin, the Democrat who represents Michigan’s eighth congressional district, voted for the election and ethics reform bill.

House Resolution One has been championed by House Democrats as a series of urgently needed reforms for elections and ethics.

Elissa Slotkin, says she voted yes for several reasons, but the bill’s proposed changes to campaign finance disclosures were especially important for her. 

“If someone from Holt or Haslett decides to make a donation to my campaign of fifteen dollars they have to tell me their name, their address and their occupation. But, if they wanted to donate 15 million dollars anonymously, they can do that and they do not have to tell anyone.”

The bill would require the information of people behind large donations to be disclosed. Other proposed changes include making independent state commissions to draw congressional districts and requiring presidential and vice presidential candidates to reveal their past ten years of tax returns.