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House and Senate introduce bills to “Repeal the Steal”

Flickr User Michigan Municipal League

Democrats in Lansing want to get Michigan’s minimum wage to 12-dollars-an hour by 20-22. Lawmakers in the House and Senate introduced bills Thursday that they say will “Repeal the Steal.”

Last year there was a ballot measure to increase the minimum wage to 12 dollars an hour. The Legislature passed the measure without it going to the voters….and then quickly made major changes. So now the minimum wage won’t get to 12 dollars an hour until 20-30.

Lesia VanArsdale is a teacher’s aide in Detroit. She says when the Legislature extended how long it would take the state to get to 12-dollars an hour, it felt like a pay cut.

“Snatching back our raises. This is illegal and just plain wrong.”

The state Attorney General could weigh in on the legality of the move by the Legislature. Opponents say the current structure protects the economy. 

Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield is not on board with changing the minimum wage law again.


“I think the Legislature settled that issue last term and I’m confident that we have the right structure moving forward.”

The Legislature is still controlled by Republicans, so the bills are unlikely to go far. But Democratic Representative Christine Greig says this is about principles. 



“While there may not be a lot of movement in the Republican leadership to move this, the public is on our side with this.”

       Right now, the state’s minimum wage is just over nine dollars an hour.