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Members of Congress seeking release of Mueller report to public


Members of Michigan’s congressional delegation say they want as much of the Mueller report released to the public as possible.

The investigation has looked at allegations of collusion between the Russia government and the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

There are reports the investigation’s findings will soon be sent to the US Attorney General.

Republican Congressman Tim Walberg says the president and the American people need to see the report.

“I think he deserves to see a report and have the American people understand at least in general status the report and its veracity.”

Democratic Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin also wants the report released.

But she expects it will be leaked even if efforts are made to conceal certain parts.   


“I think we have to understand where the inquiry went, what the results were, some of the data and information behind it.  Yeah, we need more than just top line points.”