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Nation's longest-serving Congressman passes after 60 years of service

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Former Congressman John Dingell was remembered in both Michigan and Washington Tuesday.

He represented parts of suburban Detroit in Congress for nearly 60 years.

Former Vice President Joe Biden gave Dingell’s eulogy at a funeral in Dearborn.

Biden said Dingell was one of a few Congressional colleagues he genuinely looked up to.

“Why did I like him so much? I think it’s because I knew he knew me. He gave me confidence."

And he says Dingell’s legislative accomplishments were epic.

They ranged from helping shepherd through Medicare and the Civil Rights Act, to landmark environmental bills like the Clean Water Act.


“The list of John’s achievements is literally, not figuratively, like leading the list of America’s proudest moments in the last seven decades.”

After the funeral, Dingell’s body was taken to Washington for colleagues to honor him there.