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State lawmakers starting to plan ways to help furloughed federal employees

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Lawmakers in Lansing are contemplating ways to help furloughed federal employees get by until the government reopens.

There are thousands of federal employees in Michigan that haven’t been paid since December.

There’s no specific proposals yet. But the Speaker of the House is collecting ideas and wants to see what options are available.

Over in the state Senate, it’s a similar situation. Republican Majority Leader Mike Shirkey was asked if the state can do anything about things like food stamps and unemployment benefits for the federal employees not being paid:

“We’re evaluating all those options. Kind of watching it as it progresses to see at what level does it reach critical mass. But right now we’re just in evaluation process.”

Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently called on the federal government to allow for states to offer unemployment benefits for those that are still working but not getting paid.