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Flint Mayor Karen Weaver commends Governor Whitmer on her first directive

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Flint Mayor Karen Weaver commended Governor Gretchen Whitmer on Wednesday for signing a directive that requires state employees to report threats to public safety and health.

The directive seems to be a direct response to the Flint water crisis.

Candice Mushatt is a spokesperson for Flint Mayor Karen Weaver. She said state officials did not immediately report problems with the city’s drinking water and she thinks Governor Whitmer is responding to those reporting problems.

“So this is just her putting protections in place for the rest of Michigan residents so what happened in Flint doesn’t have to happen anywhere else not on the scale or in the way that it happened.”

Mushatt said she thinks the directive could make a difference.

“It could save a life. You know that day or two or in our case almost a year that we were being told nothing was wrong. So who knows the difference it would have made if you had employees who felt empowered to come forward and tell what was going on.”

In a written statement Mayor Weaver said the Governor is empowering employees to make public health a top priority.