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ACLU wants voters to know picture ID is not required at the polls


In a letter sent out to clerks across the state, the American Civil Liberties Union said voters and poll workers need to know that a picture ID is not required to vote.

The letter claimed that every election the ACLU receives complaints about election officials providing false or misleading information about a picture ID requirement.

Sharon Dolente is with the ACLU. She said voters don’t have to have a picture ID in order to vote.

“They can sign a simple form that they either don’t have their ID with them or they don’t have one at all and they’ll be able to vote a regular ballot.”

Fred Woodhams is with the Secretary of State’s Office. He said having a picture ID is not required but...

“We do encourage people to bring identification with them when they do have it. It helps move people through the polls.”

Dolente said posters, incorrect web postings, and in some cases poll workers have kept voters away with misinformation.

She said the ACLU is alerting clerks now before the elections because usually by the time they’ve heard about a problem it’s already too late.