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Marijuana advocates say Legislature getting ahead of itself with pot beer ban

flickr user: jim kelly

A new state law in Michigan makes the sale of marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks illegal.

This passage of the law comes before voters weigh in on Proposal 1 next month. That’s the ballot initiative that will decide whether or not to make recreational marijuana use legal in Michigan.

Josh Hovey is the spokesperson for Yes on 1. He said the no marijuana in drinks law is a way for legislators to subtly voice their opinions against the proposal.

They are getting ahead of themselves but I think they are doing it to intentionally to tell their voters they don’t like this,” said Hovey.

Representative Klint Kesto said he sponsored the no marijuana in alcoholic drinks bill to protect the public safety by prohibiting a product that has two mind altering substances in one.

Voters will decide the fate of Proposal 1 on November 6.