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Forum in Alma to discuss income inequality

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A forum is scheduled for next week in Alma to discuss income inequality in Michigan.

The discussion is titled Reversing Runaway Inequality. The focus will be how to expand the benefits of a successful economy to low income homes.

Ed Lorenz is a retired professor from Alma College and is associated with the program.

“On the one hand we have sort of an economic boom, we have great amounts of income being generated by the economy, at least for some; and then on the other hand we have all these indicators of people who don’t have very much disposable income, they’re working multiple jobs to sort of keep up their income.”

Lorenz said the purpose of the discussion is to hear from people who understand income inequality to educate those who may not and to gather ideas on how the issue could be solved.

They ultimately hope to inspire people to go to the polls and cast their vote.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday (10-23) at 7pm in the Alma Public Library.