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Court denies petition for investigation into Bill Schuette

Department of the Attorney General

The Ingham County Circuit Court Monday determined that there will not be a grand jury investigation into alleged wrongdoing by Bill Schuette.

A petition, brought by former Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano, called for a grand jury investigation into allegations that the Attorney General broke the law by using state employees to help sell personal real estate.

The petition also alleged that Schuette quote “stacked his office with political loyalists and cronies.”

But judges unanimously decided to deny the request for an investigation into the claims.

Bob Ficano says normally the Attorney General would investigate these issues, and he felt it didn’t make sense to have Schuette investigate himself.

“It’s unfortunate I think these issues should be cleared before the November election but I respect the opinion of the court and there’s really no appeal from it.”

Another request for a grand jury investigation has been forwarded to the FBI, but Ficano says he doesn’t think there will be an investigation before the November election.

In a written statement a spokesperson for Schuette said quote “From the beginning, this was a politically-motivated attack on the Attorney General with no merit, and the Ingham County judges saw through the charade. The rule of law matters and political games are a waste of resources for the Ingham County courts.”