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Bill would prohibit banning certain dog breeds

Flickr User Thomas Hawk

A bill would prohibit the banning of specific dog breeds in Michigan. A number of local governments have breed specific regulations, which primarily target pit bulls.

The legislation would prevent local governments from targeting breeds viewed as more aggressive.

Supporters of the bill said the regulations infringe on property rights. Opponents said dog maulings make headlines every year, and they say the legislation could lead to more attacks.

Emily Patterson-Kane is the animal welfare scientist at the American Veterinary Medical Association. She said research was conducted to find a correlation between breeds and attacks.

“When we look at either aggression or injuries, there doesn’t seem to be a clearly disproportionate contribution from your pitbull terrier type dog.”

Patterson-Kane said over time Great Danes, Doberman, and German Shepherds were all seen as dangerous breeds. The latest target is pit bulls.

Bill 0741 has been passed by the Senate and awaits a vote in the state House.


A link to the bill can be found here.