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License plate obstruction law updated in Michigan

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Michigan draws it’s share of outdoor enthusiasts, but up until just this week (month) it they had to pack the car carefully.. Any obstruction of a license plate could result in a ticket. Governor Snyder has signed a new law to officially stop the problem.

Removable bike racks, trailer hitches, and similar attachments to the back of vehicles that obstruct license plates are no longer punishable by tickets.

Republican State Representative Holly Hughes is the bill sponsor. She said people have been ticketed as much as 250 dollars for trying to transport their bikes.

“We just want to make sure that families that live in Michigan or those wanting to come to Michigan don’t have to worry about being stopped by the police officers and wrecking their day. They just want to go out and have fun and ride a bike.”

Hughes said some worry that criminals will use bike racks to hide their license plates, but she said she’s confident people would not buy a bike rack for criminal activity.


More information on House bill 5100 can be found here.