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GM official: Carmakers bracing for movement to ban internal combustion engines

Flickr User Murat Livaneli

US carmakers are preparing for an emerging worldwide movement to outlaw the internal combustion engine.


More than a dozen cities and countries, as well as the state of California are talking about an eventual phase-out of gas or diesel cars and trucks.

Britta Gross with General Motors appeared before a state House committee.

She says the efforts may not result in many actual bans on internal combustion engines. But she says the auto industry needs to pay attention to the fact that people are talking about it.

“It’s really important because this dialogue’s out there, and we plan to be there with all the right solutions.”

“So, we’re talking some of the 2050, some of them 2040. Some of them more near-term. Some are not getting any traction. But it’s something that’s out there on the horizon. It’s a conversation that some communities are having.”

“There are cities and communities around the world, a few cropping up here and there now, that have voiced a concern about internal combustion engine vehicles, and wanting to ban them from roads and from their cities.”

More than a dozen countries and cities – as well as the state of California – are examining laws that would phase out diesel or gasoline-powered cars and trucks.

Gross says the development of electric vehicle technology is occurring in tandem with creating autonomous vehicles. She says state and local governments need to help create the network of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Gross testified Tuesday before the state House Energy Policy Committee.


Rick Pluta is the Capitol Bureau Chief for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He is heard daily on WCMU's Morning Edition and All Things Considered.