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Flint residents interrupt House session – demand clean water

Photo Credit: Cheyna Roth
Flint residents stand on the Capitol steps protesting the Snyder administration decision to stop free bottled water delivery to the city.

People from Flint interrupted a state legislative session Wednesday to demand clean drinking water.

They started in the gallery of the state House of Representatives with a chant.

“Do your job, open the PODs”

The group then chanted their way out of the Capitol building and to the Capitol steps.

Anthony Paiorek lives in Flint and is a leader with the activist group Michigan United. He says he thinks the demonstration resonated with lawmakers.

“Today they heard us on our voice and our terms. And that’s a very powerful thing.”

Claire McClinton lives in Flint and helped organize the event. She says they are not going to let the state forget about Flint.

“For them to put a narrative out there and telegraph a message to the world that everything is fine, it’s hunky dory. What they’re saying to us is that, we’re done with Flint.”

“Our message is this. You might be through with us. But we are not through with you.”

The protestors interrupted a state House of Representatives session and were asked to leave. Organizers say they will continue to mobilize and protest until all the lead pipes in Flint are replaced.