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Metro Detroit may vote on new transit proposal

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Metro Detroit may have a new transit proposal to vote on this year. The “Connect Southeast Michigan” plan would establish an Ann Arbor to Detroit commuter rail service…. 15 new express regional routes along major roads… and a universal fare card that works on existing transportation services. It’s a more expensive and expansive proposal than the transit plan Metro Detroiters failed to pass in 2016. Wayne County Executive Warren Evans… who unveiled the new strategy… says the proposed one-and-a-half mill tax should be seen as investment.


“Every county in this plan, you put in 100% of the mills bring, and you’ll get 105% return. There’s no subsidizing anybody.”


Evans says the proposal would raise more than five-billion dollars over 20 years through the property tax… and leverage an additional billion dollars through state and federal revenues… as well as ridership profits. If approved by the Regional Transit Authority board… the proposal could appear on ballots across Wayne… Oakland… Macomb… and Washtenaw counties this November.