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Legislation would open missing persons database to public

Flcikr User WCN 24/7

A new bill in Lansing could help settle missing persons cases faster through the use of a public database.

The bill would provide public access to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System public database.

The system gathers information from medical examiners, law enforcement, and - under the new bill, the general public.

Detective Sergeant Sarah Krebs is with the Michigan State Police.

“One of the problems with missing persons investigations is that the only database available for them to be put in is a database that only law enforcement has access to, and while that helps law enforcement with the cases it really doesn’t bring the public's eye to these cases.”

Krebs said the hope is that the more people looking for missing persons, the faster those people can be found.

The bill passed unanimously through the house and is on its way to the senate floor.

A link to the bill is here.