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New bill would provide better healthcare for veterans

US Department of Agriculture

A new bill in the US Senate is aimed at reducing the costs of preventative healthcare for veterans.

The bill would impact some 230-thousand veterans living in Michigan.

Democratic US Senator Debbie Stabenow introduced the bill. She said reducing the cost of preventative care will improve health outcomes for many veterans.

“I feel very strongly that since our country promises among other things that people serving will have the opportunity to have healthcare when they come home we need to make sure that promise is kept completely.”

Senator Stabenow said veterans face out-of-pocket for many preventative health services that most Americans receive for free.

“This would very simply indicate that none of our veterans would be required to pay copays at the VA for their basic health screenings and other kinds of preventative health care.”

She says the bill has bipartisan support and she is hopeful it will move quickly through the legislature.