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Former U-S senator Carl Levin encourages opposition to the current republican tax plan

flickr user: alchemist_x

Former U-S senator Carl Levin says more Democrats are needed in Congress to oppose proposals like the current Republican tax plan. He says it would encourage companies to move more jobs overseas.

Levin was in Kalamazoo this week to campaign for George Franklin. He's one of six Democrats running to challenge Republican Congressman Fred Upton next year. Upton voted for the tax plan, saying it would simplify the tax code, create jobs, and boost the region’s economy.

Levin says Michigan Congressman John Conyers was right to step down as the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. But Levin says he wants to see what the House Ethics Committee finds about sexual harassment allegations against Conyers before saying whether he should stay in Congress.

Levin says financial settlements between members of Congress and staff for sexual harassment and other workplace issues should be more transparent.