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Michigan Congressman weigh in after GOP tax plan passes US House

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The US House of Representatives passed the Republican tax plan Thursday with a vote of 227-205. Michigan’s members of Congress are speaking out… along party lines.

House Democrats unanimously opposed the bill and were joined by 13 Republicans.

Michigan Republican Congressman John Moolenaar voted in favor of the bill. He said the bill is tax relief for middle-class families.

“It’s the first major tax reform since 1986. It means bigger paychecks and more jobs, a simpler, fairer system. This tax relief for middle-class families and main street is going to help grow the economy and it will really make people’s lives easier.”

Congressman Moolenaar said the plan will incentivize corporations to bring their money back to the states by lowering the corporate tax rate.

“It does help grow the economy by making our tax rates competitive for job providers to increase jobs and bring dollars that are offshore back here to America investing in higher wages and better jobs.”

In a written statement Democratic Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee said quote  “I I find it shameful that Republicans in Congress are now pushing this... failed governing philosophy with their tax bill, which is a scam for working families.”

The bill is expected to receive a Senate vote after Thanksgiving.