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Members of Michigan Legislative Black Caucus meet with MSP Colonel

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Members of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus met with the head of the Michigan State Police Thursday.


The meeting was to address concerns about a meme Colonel Kriste Etue posted on Facebook. It called NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem “degenerates.”


Members of the caucus called for Etue’s resignation or firing.


Representative Sheldon Neeley is chair of the caucus and was at the meeting. He said the caucus is withholding comment until it meets with the governor.


“It was cordial,” he said. “It was a cordial meeting. It was adults having a dialogue about a very serious issue.”


Etue has apologized and said the post was a mistake. The governor has said he won’t fire Etue. However, Etue will face an internal review by Michigan State Police.


Neeley did say members raised their concerns to the colonel during the meeting.


“You know the concerns that many Michiganders have as it relates to the Facebook post,” he said. “And other issues about the culture of MSP.”


The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus also asked to meet with the governor. Neeley said the group will meet with Governor Rick Snyder next week.


He said, “We’re moving forward making sure that we have a good outcome out of this unfortunate situation.”