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Kildee amendments will help Flint, other cities with lead problems

Congressman Dan Kildee

Three amendments from Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee passed the US House of Representatives Wednesday to support ongoing efforts to provide aid for Flint residents impacted by the water crisis.

All told the amendments would provide 38 million dollars for communities struggling with lead poisoning, prevention, and youth unemployment.

Congressman Kildee said the money will support communities across the country impacted by elevated lead levels.

“What we’ve come to understand is that Flint ripped the cover off this issue and there are a lot of communities that are worried about this and it gives us the opportunity not just to help Flint, Saginaw, and Bay City residents but also help people in other parts of the country who are dealing with similar issues.”

The amendments tackle a variety of issues, but Congressman Kildee said all of them will have implications for Flint.

“One of them was an amendment specifically to boost lead poisoning prevention programs, the other was a significant expansion of youth employment programs, the third was to significantly expand the Healthy Start program to give young kids opportunities which really makes a difference later in life.”

Congressman Kildee said support for Flint has remained bipartisan.

“Broadening the conversation not only helps Flint but actually brings in a lot more members of congress who see their own communities benefiting from the work that we’re doing. That’s been our approach.”

The amendments now move to the Senate, where Kildee said he is optimistic of their passage.