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Flint Mayor Karen Weaver contests signatures on recall petition

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An attorney for Mayor Karen Weaver will again contest signatures on Tuesday, challenging the recall petition that initiated a citywide election for her position .

Officials for Weaver’s office were in Genesee County Circuit Court Thursday, and claimed some signatures were forgeries.

If 121 signatures are thrown out Weaver would remain mayor without having to win an election in November.

But Genesee County Clerk John Gleason said he thinks a screening process that included the Mayor’s office, the city clerk and his office was more than enough.

“We did a very good job, the city of Flint did a magnificent job, we feel the recall should go forward.”

Gleason said one of the arguments floated by the mayor's office is that the signatures were lifted from different petitions.

“She’s saying that many people that signed these petitions were told they were for another purpose. We don’t agree with that and we’ve been asked if we’ve seen other petitions around the county and I say no, we haven’t seen another.”

Gleason said the signatures were reviewed multiple times by both the city and county clerks offices.

“Both the city clerk and our office we really don’t care what happens in this recall, we are going to follow the law. We haven’t picked a side but we are fighting in court against people who are fighting desperately to maintain an office. My job is to make sure the citizens who petitioned their government have justice offered to them.”

Gleason said his office has enough time to complete the ballots even if the Judge doesn’t issue immediate decision.

But, he said, he hopes a decision is made sooner than later.

A spokesperson for Mayor Weaver declined to comment.