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Board of State Canvassers approve ballot proposals

Flickr User Jonathan Rolande

A state board approved several ballot proposals Thursday.

All the proposals were approved as to form. That doesn’t mean the board guarantees the content of the ballots will hold up against lawsuits. But it makes sure the campaign won’t succumb to a challenge in front of the board on technical issues after they gather signatures.

Katie Fahey is with Voters Not Politicians. The group’s proposal would overhaul how the state draws its district lines.

“I think we’re in an unprecedented time of political activism. People are ready to go and solve things themselves.”

She says it’s a nonpartisan, grassroots effort.

Currently, people’s votes are looked at to be manipulated instead of just accurately representing their will. And we would like the will of the people to actually be the standard in Michigan instead of an anomaly.”

Danielle Atkinson is with MI Time to Care. Their ballot proposal would require employers to offer earned sick leave to all full-time and part-time employees. If passed, employees would earn one hour of sick time for every 30 hours of work.

“Everyone gets sick but unfortunately not everyone has time to get well. So this really is an answer to the problem that everyone is faced with at some point in their life.”

The organization now has to collect enough approved signatures before it can get on the 20-18 ballot. This is the third time this issue has been before the Board of State Canvassers. Previous efforts did not make the ballot.