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Flint City Clerk confirms 17 candidates to run against Mayor Karen Weaver

City of Flint

The Flint City Clerk’s office determined Tuesday that 17 candidates were certified to appear on the November ballot as candidates for Mayor against incumbent Karen Weaver.

The election was triggered by a recall petition that garnered enough signatures to put the Mayoral position to a vote.

John Gleason is the Genesee County Clerk. He said support for Mayor Weaver has waned.

“A lot of past Weaver supporters, enthusiasts, campaigners, contributors have decided to run themselves. When you start scraping off 100-200 votes in a city that historically has a depressed turnout, That could be worrisome for Weaver.”

Gleason said he worries the race isn’t about what is best for the city.

“Nearly every recall I have seen, and I suggest this may be one of those, it becomes a personal vendetta instead of a policy issue. I think if you don’t break the law you oughtta keep your office.”

In order to appear on the ballot candidates needed to submit either 40 signatures or one hundred dollars.

Candidates include Flint City Councilman Scott Kincaid and Arthur Woodson, who spearheaded the recall effort against Weaver.