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IJC Commissioner calls Cuomo's attack "alternative facts"

Mike Mroziak, WBFO
Gov. Andrew Cuomo At Wilson, N.Y.

The International Joint Commission isn’t a well-known group. But it has a big responsibility – helping the United States and Canada regulate the Great Lakes. New York’s Governor thinks the U.S. representatives aren’t doing a good job.


Governor Andrew Cuomo’s upset about weeks of flooding that is hurting communities on the Lake Ontario shoreline. He blames the IJC, which controls dams along the boundary waters. And he wants President Trump to replace the two U-S commissioners. One other seat is already vacant.

“Put appointees who know what they’re talking about, who know the Great Lakes, and he can do that immediately,” said Cuomo in a press conference yesterday.

Commissioner Lana Pollack says blaming the flooding on the IJC is no more than alternative facts.

“All of the facts line up to indicate this is about precipitation and ice conditions – it’s not about the management of the water,” said Pollack.

But Pollack says she and Commissioner Rich Moy expect to be replaced by the new administration. They’ve even sent in letters of resignation. Pollack’s only concern is resigning before new commissioners are found.