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Bills to protect courthouse workers are making their way to the senate committee

User Ceridwen


A package of bills that would better protect courthouse workers from attack is on its way to a senate committee.


The bills would increase the punishment for anyone guilty of attacking a courthouse worker.


State representative Andy Schor is one the sponsors of the bill package.


“We’ve had several instances of folks within a courtroom try to interrupt the process by assaulting or attacking courtroom workers whether it’s an assistant prosecuting attorney, or bailiff or it could be anyone, and we’ve actually had people killed.”


Representative Schor said the bills would increase prison time from a maximum of ten years to fifteen, or a fine of no more than 10 thousand dollars, or both.


“They need to face greater penalties, so the bills would do that. It would include a variety of other people within courtroom outside of just our public safety officers, and would increase the penalties for someone if they do this they would face an increased jail time, and then amends the sentencing guidelines.”


The bills have passed through the house and are on their way to a senate committee.


More information on the bill can be found here.