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Calley calls for part-time Legislature

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Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley

The job of state lawmaker would be part-time under a ballot campaign launched Tuesday by Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley.

The lieutenant governor gathered a small crowd as he used a business and politics conference on Mackinac Island as the backdrop to his new campaign to make the job of state legislator a part-time gig.

“I’m looking to make the Michigan government much more effective and efficient…”

Calley says he’s long supported a part-time Legislature.

“First of all, it saves a lot of money. Second of all, you get fewer laws proposed, which is a win for taxpayers in my book. But then, you also make the system more attainable and service more attainable for more people.”

Calley says the Legislature’s year-round schedule results in a lot of wasted time and effort.

“It makes it so that you have so many more, literally, thousands of laws that are introduced, and that creates a lot of work, a lot of busy work, but it’s not work t that results in any benefit to the taxpayer.”

The proposal would also cut legislators’ pay.