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Love In Lockdown: How's It Going And How Could It Be Better?

Updated Feb. 11

Countless things have changed since the pandemic began, but one thing hasn't: people still want to be loved and intimate with each other. And though COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed, not everyone is vaccinated, so people are still figuring out how to navigate their romantic relationships.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, NPR's Consider This podcast wants to know, what questions do you have about dating, being single and sex during the pandemic? Maybe you're wondering how to navigate virtual dating and get past the awful small talk. You could be in a long distance relationship and struggling with your sex life fizzling out. Or maybe you're part of the population that has gotten the vaccine and are wondering is this it? Can I finally meet up with that cute person from Hinge for a picnic in the park?

Whatever your situation is, tell us what your love life has been like during the pandemic and send us some questions to pose to our relationship experts.

Your response may be used in an upcoming story, on-air or online, and a producer may contact you to follow up on your response. Share your thoughts with us below.

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