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Michigan Band Gets Support After Trailer Theft

Flickr User Joshua Davis

Fans of the Accidentals are stepping up to support the band after someone stole their trailer.

Along with the trailer, the band lost their merchandise, sound equipment and a drum set while on tour in Arizona.

The group from Traverse City set up a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the loss

So far, fans have donated over $14 thousand.

Michael Dause is the band’s drummer. He says he can’t believe how many people have reached out.

“It’s kind of insane, I seriously almost cried a couple of time because people were coming out of the woodwork, just giving us so much support.”

Sav Buist, one of the band’s founding members, says it’s amazing to have such strong support from fans.


“There has been such an outreach of people offering to pay for our food, offering lodging, offering even gear of theirs -- as we travel to California. We are not taking any of that for granted. Not one bit.”

The Accidentals say they’re going to finish the tour, though the shows might be stripped down.

They’ll be back in northern Michigan on February 17th, for a show in Manistee.