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Collier strives for cooperation while vying for Congress

Matt Collier.
Courtesy Photo
Matt Collier Campaign
Matt Collier.

After years spent as the Mayor of Flint, serving in the U.S. Military and working for the Veterans Affairs Secretary, Matt Collier said he’s the leader for the people in mid-Michigan.

He spoke with WCMU to talk about his background, cooperation and partnerships that are the foundation of his pitch to voters.

Collier said that Congress being unproductive is a reason for him entering the race.

“This congressional session is on pace to be the least effective least productive Congress in the history of our country. Both parties are stuck in a rut. It's a manifestation of our struggling democracy,” Collier said on a phone with WCMU.

Although he was Flint’s former Mayor, he said it can translate to serving in Congress.

“I think when I took over as mayor, the city had a 24% unemployed. Flint had the highest crime rate. Within six months we fixed the budget deficit. I had four balanced budgets. I worked with General Motors and the UAW to bring in 7,000 jobs into the city and reduced the unemployment rate from about 24% to about 7%,” Collier said.

The economics of the Federal budget are also on Collier’s mind as he runs office.

“Fiscal responsibility is something that's very near and dear to my heart. That's something that's very important for Congress as far as our budget is concerned, not to use the taxpayer dollars wisely,” Collier said.

When it comes to local concerns about the economy, Collier said he's "brought in jobs by working with others, by working with corporations in the UAW and others. I learned a lot about leadership and I've continued to learn about leadership throughout my career, and I think that's what we need in the district.”

As two wars in the Middle East and in Ukraine continue, Collier says the U.S. needs to ensure security worldwide.

“We need strong security worldwide no matter what. As far as our democracy is concerned. Russia won't stop with Ukraine. It'll continue to go after the other Eastern European countries. That's my fear. We can send resources in to help stop Russia or else these other democracies are going to be next,” Collier said.

“I think ultimately we need a two nation system. Palestinians and Israelis living side-by-side peacefully. I think right now I don't think there's any question that Israel has the right to protect themselves as a sovereign nation. On the other hand, I am deeply concerned about collateral damage. I hope that Hamas comes forward and agrees to those terms and ends this war as quickly as possible,” Collier continued.

Collier said that he has traditionally supported previous Farm Bills.

“I think traditionally it's a it's a deeply bipartisan bill. I would hope that that trend would continue, but I would have to read, I did not read the bill. I'd have to take a look at the details in the bill,” Collier said.

Ultimately, if he were to be elected, the number one issue on Collier’s mind is reproductive rights.

“I'm a pro-choice guy and I would absolutely work very hard and roll up my sleeves to codify Roe v Wade across the land. There's a constitutional amendment that allows abortions in Michigan. But you know, that doesn't mean it's the way that our federal government,” Collier said.

Both the Republican and Democratic primaries will take place on August 6.

Ellie Frysztak is a newsroom intern for WCMU.
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