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New Mason County scholarship helps college students

College graduates waiting in line to receive their diploma.
Patcharanan -
College graduates waiting in line to receive their diploma.

Mason County Promise, an organization dedicated to helping people get through college, has given away over $63,000 to West Shore Community College students.

The scholarships are meant for first and second year students residing in Mason County.

"The goal is to hopefully help more students, not just get to college, but succeed in obtaining a college credential," said Jody Maloney, the director of Mason County Promise.

According to Maloney, students can use their awards for anything their instructors deem as a class related supplies.

"It might be books for some students, it might be nursing scrubs, for others it might be even welding helmets," Maloney said.

The criteria for the obtaining the scholarships includes partaking in practices the organization sees as beneficial for student success, such as attending orientation.

"The in-person orientation, we know that students benefit from that and they're able to onboard a lot earlier by having visited campus, having met people who are key people on campus who can support them once they actually start in the fall," Maloney said.

Applicants have six years after graduating high school to qualify for scholarships at West Shore.

Jazmin Anderson is a newsroom intern covering central Michigan for WCMU.