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CMU telehealth study expands outreach to more rural counties

Central Michigan University's College of Medicine. "We understand the unique challenges rural communities face," said CMU President Robert Davies. "Moreover, we know the best solutions come from building alliances so every person in the community can attain his or her full health potential. This commitment is part of CMU’s deep history and ties with our community.”
Rick Brewer
Central Michigan University's College of Medicine.

A Central Michigan University study — that focuses on analyzing Telehealth availability in Michigan's rural counties — is expanding.

The study originally surveyed six rural counties in central and northern Michigan and will now cover all 59 rural counties throughout the state.

Telehealth allows residents to remotely access to medical care services through their phones, computers or tablets.

John Jervinsky, the study's lead researcher, said that 52 of the 59 counties are currently participating. He said the research expansion will provide more valuable data in an effort to increase telehealth services in underserved areas.

"One of the advantages to the CMU study is that we're collecting this data throughout a longer period of time," Jervinsky said. "And we can get some longitudinal data that may support future projects to increase high speed internet access."

Jervinsky said the study will exclude Michigan counties with high populations due to guidelines from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy.

Scott Rechlin is a production assistant and on-air host for WCMU
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