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Michigan State Police, MDHHS team up to provide free gun locks for residents

Rick Pluta

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is partnering with the Michigan State Police to give out free gun locks, no questions asked.

The departments received a $500,000 grant to purchase 75,000 cable-style gun locks from Project Childsafe.

First Lt. Michael Shaw says most accidental deaths could be prevented by simply securing weapons.

“We aren’t anti-gun or anything like that. We just want people to secure their firearms. We have way too many kids who are dying by unsecure handguns in a house that would be their parent or grandparent or relative.”

The cable-like gun locks are inserted through the magazine and the barrel or cylinder of the gun and then locks itself, preventing someone from loading and firing the weapon.

The locks will fit a variety of firearms….including rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and semi-automatic pistols.

Dr. Natasha Bagdesarian is the Chief Medical Executive for the State of Michigan. She says gun violence is not a political issue, but a public health issue.

“That means we have to tackle it as a public health issue. And that means No. 1: education. Sharing with people what the problem is. But then also providing them with tools to keep themselves and their families safe.”

Dr. Bagdesarian says the state has taken the public health approach to combat many issues, such as nicotine use and car safety. In both instances, seeing dramatic reduction in harmful incidents.

A law went into effect this year that requires parents to lock up their guns, otherwise they could be held responsible for any injuries or deaths caused by the firearm.

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