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Food relief efforts underway for Alpena factory workers

Set of raw cereals, grains, pasta and canned food on the table.
Set of raw cereals, grains, pasta and canned food on the table.

Community members in Alpena County are banding together to support the over 150 workers affected by last week's sudden closure of the Decorative Panels International factory.

The Alpena County Community Resources platform recently announced on their Facebook page that the All Saints Catholic Parish is hosting a food drive from Feb. 26-29.

"We're one of several organizations who will be giving away food," said Christina Kihn, emergency warming shelter director for the Parish.

Kihn also said that DPI families who have already gone through the food drive have expressed how grateful they are for the community's support and love during a time of uncertainty.

"We have a community connection center, so if anybody needs any spiritual guidance or if anybody needs any counseling services, we'll be able to contact Catholic human services to get those resources for them," said Kihn.

The Boys and Girls Club of Alpena announced that they are hosting a free dinner event on Feb. 27 to support the families.

Scott Rechlin is a production assistant and on-host for WCMU
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