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Elderly support group expands reach to northeast Michigan

Asian female caregiver helping disabled elderly woman in wheelchair to get into the car,helpful daughter care and support senior mother to stand up from wheelchair in outdoor, caring for old people
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"Our partnership with PACE Northeast Michigan is an organic extension of our enduring dedication to communities in the region. Together, we aim to create a transformative impact on the lives of older adults, allowing them to age with dignity and independence," said Lisa Bolen, executive director and CEO of the Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency.

With a rising elderly population in Michigan, a new collaboration in northeast Michigan is seeking to help seniors by providing new support and healthcare services.

The PACE Northeast Michigan Initiative is a new non-profit organization, which was formed by the Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency (NEMCSA), the Area Agency on Aging (AAA), and the Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM), with the goal of helping the elderly enhance the quality of their lives.

"This collaboration is a significant stride toward transforming senior care in Michigan, especially considering the state's status as one of the fastest aging states in the country," said Stephanie Winslow, executive director for the PACE Association of Michigan. "PACE Northeast Michigan will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the lives of older adults, addressing the unique challenges posed by Michigan's rapidly growing aging population."

PACE centers provide many services, such as transportation, primary care, home care, and nutritional service. According to a release, PACE said they honor and respect seniors who want to keep close to families and their community by providing at home-services and daily care.

There are 26 PACE centers across the Lower Peninsula.

Scott Rechlin is a production assistant and on-air host for WCMU
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