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Northern Michigan man killed in officer involved shooting

The side of a Michigan State Police car.
Michigan State Police

A northern Michigan man was killed in an officer involved shooting over the weekend after the 35-year-old male fled from law enforcement to an elevated a tree stand.

A day prior to the shooting, the Kalkaska county deputies were called to residence in Fife Lake for alleged domestic assault.

The suspect fled from the scene and was seen by a neighbor the next day exiting out of another residence firing a gun into the air. The neighbor left and contacted the police.

Upon following him into the woods, officers heard a gunshot and called for the Michigan State Police to intervene.

Troopers then approached the tree stand when a "confrontation" occurred, according to a release from the state police.

After it was determined the suspect was deceased, state troopers said they recovered a loaded gun from the body of the suspect.

State Police said an autopsy is being processed and the investigation is ongoing.

Jazmin Anderson is a newsroom intern covering central Michigan for WCMU.