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The DNR wants to hear your suggestions for deer management

Courtesy of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

The DNR in collaboration with the Michigan Natural Resources Commission is initiating a deer management initiative in order to respond to current deer population challenges.

Throughout the state, the DNR faces significant issues in managing deer populations due to declining hunter numbers. Those hunters are often looking to bag a buck for their trophy rack instead of harvesting a doe, leading to higher deer populations. Those higher populations lead to more auto/deer crashes as well as landscape and crop damage.

Changes in land-use are also causing significant problems in the lower peninsula, where there’s a large percentage of privately owned land. Owners of that land can limit or block hunting access.

The DNR is looking to engage with individuals associated with various natural resources organizations and tribal partners to come up with recommendations on how deer management can be improved throughout the state. The public is also invited to weigh in on the topic. You can submit an application to the DNR online through January 31st to be a part of that discussion.

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