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Attorneys for ousted Michigan State University coach Mel Tucker signals lawsuit is coming

Branislav Ondrasik
Wikimedia Commons

Tucker's attorneys sent a legal notice Thursday evening notifying several individuals and departments affiliated with MSU to retain their records.

Attorneys representing former Michigan State University football coach Mel Tucker are signaling that they intend to file a lawsuit for what they call his “illegal termination.”

Tucker’s legal team sent a notice Thursday evening to Brian Quinn, MSU’s general counsel, stating that "in anticipation of litigation," several individuals and MSU departments should save their personal and professional records.

The list includes Athletic Director Allan Haller, all employees of the University’s Athletic Department, interim president Teresa K. Woodruff, each member of the University's Board of Trustees, and several other individuals.

Haller terminated Tucker’s contract as head football coach Wednesday. The move followed allegations of sexual harassment against Brenda Tracy, an activist and rape survivor who worked with Tucker.

The final official hearing in the complaint against Tucker is scheduled for next week.

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