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Mid-Michigan road commission starts using high-performance concrete

Jamar Penny

A mid-Michigan road commission has begun using an ultra-high performance concrete mix that, they say, has the potential to save time and money.

The Clare County Road Commission has been working with a non-proprietary mix of impermeable concrete developed by the University of Michigan. It’s intended to prevent deterioration and potholes.

Dewayne Rogers is the managing director of the road commission. He said lab studies have shown the product to be six times stronger than traditional concrete, with the potential to last up to a hundred years.

“The long-term durability, maintenance-free, saves us money, saves the public inconvenience of us not having to close down a bridge or do a laying closure to work on the bridge,” said Rogers.

Rogers added that they used the concrete on one bridge last year, and one this year. He expects more projects in the future.

Rebecca Particka is a reporter / producer for WCMU.