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The Michigan State Police are using automated license plate recognition devices

Michigan State Police Car
CRC Flickr User: Corvair Owner
Michigan State Police Car

The Michigan State Police is using automated license plate recognition devices along several highways in the state.

The technology consists of an infrared camera that can capture images of license plates on all moving vehicles on a stretch of road.

The readers have been placed along I-94 and I-75.

Michigan State Police spokesperson Lieutenant Rene Gonzalez said once a license plate has been scanned, the device works to determine if the plate is associated with a crime, a stolen vehicle or a missing person case.

“That plate is then entered into the system as a vehicle belonging to a missing endangered person. And if that person comes across the camera, for that vehicle, it alerts our dispatch center,  and we’re  able to stop that vehicle or locate it.”

Gonzalez said in the past five months, 90% of the plates that the devices have alerted authorities about have led to arrests.

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