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The state of Michigan is discontinuing marijuana testing for some new workers.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain]

The state of Michigan is discontinuing a decades-long regulation that required newly hired state workers to undergo marijuana testing before starting their employment.

The Michigan Civil Service Commission voted unanimously at its meeting last week to approve the change.

Jase [like ACE] Bolger [BOWL-jer] is the chair for the commission. During the meeting, he said the new policy would serve as a direct acknowledgment of voters’ approval in 2018 of recreational marijuana use.

Bolger said that "I'm not suggesting that we should be getting high on Friday night, but to treat them the same when they show up to work on Monday morning seems consistent with current public policy in the States. And so, therefore, I will be supporting this amendment."

Marijuana testing will continue for positions involving the operation of vehicles, law enforcement, or service within the state Department of Corrections.

As WKAR's Bilingual Latinx Stories Reporter, Michelle reports in both English and Spanish on stories affecting Michigan's Latinx community. Michelle is also the voice of WKAR's weekend news programs.