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The Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture was voted the best sculpture park in the country

Frederick Meijer Garden
CRC Flickr User: Kevin Dooley
Frederick Meijer Garden

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park has been voted as the number one sculpture park in the country. That’s according to a USA Today Reader’s Choice poll.

The park topped the 10Best list which saw parks in seven other states including Washington, South Carolina, and Illinois.

John VanderHaagen is the director of communications at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. He says the staff was thrilled to hear of the ranking and are thankful for those who voted in the contest. He says what sets Meijer Gardens apart from other sculpture parks is the unique combination of art and horticulture.

VanderHaagen said, “Each of our sculptures outdoors has a curated, almost separate gallery, made of different plant materials, different bushes that all change seasonally and that’s a great partnership between our sculpture teams and our horticulture teams to kind of make that unique setting and have that relate to the art and have that relate to the plants that are there.”

VanderHaagen says he hopes the recognition will help attract new visitors to the park. While Meijer Gardens took the number one spot, another park in the state also made the list. The Michigan Legacy Art Park in Thompsonville was ranked number 5