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Senate committee holds first hearing on the early voting plan

Voting Sign
Flickr user: kgroovy
Voting Sign

Michigan’s new nine-day early voting period would start two Saturdays before an election under Senate bills heard in committee today [WED].

Those nine days are required by a constitutional amendment approved at the ballot box last year.

The bills would also give local clerks the leeway to open that period up to 29 days before an election.

But Republican Senator Ruth Johnson—who opposed the ballot proposal—says that wouldn’t be fair for all communities.

Johnson said, "If one has nine, and one has 29, the one with 29 has far more access than the one with nine. So, I would like to look into that further because I don’t believe that is equal access."

Supporters of the package say flexibility for clerks is necessary since different areas have different needs.

Other bills in the package detail procedures for signature matching… a permanent absentee voter list… and absentee ballot drop boxes.