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Fire danger expected to be high going into Memorial Day weekend

As people are heading out for Memorial Day weekend, fire danger remains high in Michigan.

The Department of Natural Resources is encouraging people to keep fire safety in mind because of the dry conditions in Michigan.

“We haven’t had any rain in quite a while now and with temperatures climbing up into the 70s and even into 80s and potentially the 90s later next week, specifically Wednesday that’s just going to cause things to get even more dry,” Meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Gaylord Sabrina Jauernic said.

Jauernic said a lack of winds in Michigan can help mitigate the fires.

“The one thing that is keeping us from being really high is the lack of winds,” she said. “We are certainly going to have high temperatures headed into this weekend and low humidity.”

The DNR reported the main cause of wildfires in Michigan is yard waste burning. The organization said to never leave a fire unattended and keep a water source near you when burning.

The high temperatures and low humidity is expected to continue throughout the week, according to Jauernic.